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Charlene Wilson

Charlene earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University School of Architecture, Ottawa, Canada. She worked in a number of Seattle architecture firms, before co-founding Portal Design Inc., a residential design firm in Vancouver BC, where she was Principal Designer & Co-Owner until 2010. For many years, her work spanned from Vancouver to South Puget Sound serving higher e education clients. In 2014, she established Charlene Wilson Consulting, LLC, where she continues to serve higher education and private development clients, as a Project Manager & Owner Representative.


Charlene is an Associate of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), a LEED Green Associate and Associate Member of the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA)

Certified Washington State Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification #W2F0025681

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charlene wilson consulting llc


Project Development

While you are committed to the development of your project, you likely have other things on your schedule. We take your project vision, and work with the consultant team and contractors to meet your goals. No project team? We will assemble one.

Budget Tracking

How much is this going to cost? In the beginning, that is the BIG question. We create an overall budget, from soft costs, such as design services and legal fees, to hard costs, like construction, and permits - so you have answers to the big question, early.

Owner Representation

You have been tasked with 10 new projects, but there is only one of you. We integrate with your organization to be an extension of it, or you, so your project needs remain the focus from design through construction.

Day to Day

Attend a meetimg, apply for a permit, chase down that communication company, meet with the utility company onsite, record the easement, respond to consultant questions, update the budget, find a new interior designer, review the latest design set, we do all that, and more. We do, what YOU need us to do.

Big Picture

The end goal is always in mind. Your project has context, a locale and a community that expects you to deliver a sustainable and responsible project for all. We agree. This is your project, it's serious business but a fun process. This is your project from a 30,000 foot view.

We help you accomplish this.

The Finer Details

You also need chairs, and trash bins, and to select 23 paint colors, review legal documents, negotiate contracts, and decide which wall base will serve your facility long term. At the same time, your project stakeholders need an update, or have a great idea that we should incorporate and the architect needs to know now. This is your project from a 3 inch view, and we do that too!